A new Phytonide invasion, invasion atlas, brand-new divine form, dungeon progression system and more releasing on March 25th

Global publisher MY.GAMES is happy to announce the fifth anniversary of its popular sci-fi MMO Skyforge! On behalf of this occasion, players are treated with a massive content update launching March 25th for the PC version, followed by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version one day later. Players can prepare themselves for surprises, thrills, and brand-new features in the Fifth Anniversary expansion.

The upcoming expansion will include the following features:


Spring is in bloom, and so are the Phytonides! These green-fingered goons are readying a new invasion of Aelion. Cut down the Phytonides and the Avatar Machavann to earn great rewards from a new Invasion Pass, including the Divine Form Wakan.


The divine warrior has watched over Aelion for many eons, and has finally deemed the Immortals worthy of their power. The Divine Form Wakan is a cosmetic that can be unlocked as a special reward from the new Phytonide Invasion Pass. 


Take advantage of amazing bonuses during Invasions with the Invasion Atlas, a new progression system where you define your journey and rewards! Navigate this celestial chart and select its different nodes to enjoy unique perks, specific class benefits, and more. The Invasion Atlas will change with every new Invasion, so you’ll never traverse the same route twice!


Skyforge veterans may no longer be phased by the terrors of the cosmos, but that’s about to change! With the introduction of Nightmare Challenges, Players can ramp up the difficulty on their adventures with tougher enemies, more adversity, and more satisfying rewards.


Every year, we commemorate the bonds that unite Aelion and protect this world from the threat of invasion. Aelion gives thanks to its divine guardians with new missions across three weeks, and five exclusive Anniversary costumes to earn! 

The free Fifth Anniversary expansion will be available on March 25th for PC, and March 26th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Maikel van Dijk

PR Manager, MY.GAMES

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SKYFORGE is a free-to-play, sci-fi action MMO available for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One X/S and PC and Nintendo Switch. Playing as an Immortal with amazing celestial powers, players can team up with players around the world to explore and defend a massive, constantly-evolving universe! With the power to switch between 18 unlockable classes depending on the mission or preferred playstyle, players can rock out with the Soundweaver's killer riffs, shoot to thrill with the Gunner, or set Aelion ablaze with the Firestarter. SKYFORGE is free to download and play and receives regular, free content updates, so players can adventure without limits 24/7!


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