Players on PC and PS4 can wield the Power of the Revenant Class Today

The Revenant” is a free update available today for all Immortals in the action MMORPG Skyforge - on both PC and PlayStation 4. Developer Allods Team and global publisher introduce the fifteenth unlockable class in a game where switching between classes at-will plays a dominant role. The Revenant – after the namesake update - are forgotten warriors who kept hidden throughout the ages and have been awoken by the evil that invades Skyforge. Players can use the force of these ancient warlords and their gigantic axes to crush anything that stands in their way.

Players can unlock the Revenant today ingame or get one of the Revenant packs for instant access here: [PS4], [PC]

The Revenant Class:

In a remote corner of the planet an ancient tribe of barbarians resides, touched by the essence of immortality, yet not quite in the same way. Rather than rise like a phoenix, wholly renewed, these immortals rise as corporeal apparitions that glorify death above all else. Isolated for near eternity with their own explicit culture, what were priests and shamans in a past life have since become barbaric, life-stealing revenants that seek the ultimate glory – death in combat versus worthy foes, with submission or surrender being the greatest of shames.

With Aelion’s defenses under duress in the face of persistent invasion, one cannot help but feel both relieved and uneasy that these ‘Revenants’ believe the plight of the world to be worth their allegiance – the perfect means for them to gain the glory of combat they seek against many a worthy foe. Be grateful that their respect for strength and reverie of death is restricted to their enemies alone, never allowed to die by their own hand or harm a fellow member of the tribe – which, thanks to the allegiance, you are now a member of whether you like it or not. Will you embrace it willingly, or keep these ‘returned’ at arm’s length?


  • Base Attacks: Slow and steady swings from its brutal axe, gaining in power with each successful blow, amplifying the three following attacks from 100% to 200% and 300% respectively.
  • Siphon: Draws vitality from the target for 3 seconds, inflicting damage and pulling the target towards the caster. Target is knocked down once the duration has ended, whilst the caster gains an extra 20% chance to critically strike that target for the next 10 seconds.
  • Smash: The Revenant prepares a devastating attack over the next few seconds, raising its weapon and reducing its movement speed before smashing the ground and knocking down all nearby opponents.
  • Dark Rush: Unleash a self-illusion in a selected direction, moving forward up to 40 meters. Re-using the skill prematurely will transfer the Revenant to the illusions location and deals damage to all targets within 6 meters.
  • Decimate: After a short wind-up, execute an 8-meter wide AoE swing that increases in damage by 50% for every additional target struck, up to 150% additional damage.

Neither good nor evil, it is clear the Revenants have honed themselves to destructive perfection after eons of seclusion. Can they be trusted? Will this allegiance hold? Nobody can say for certain, yet one thing is clear – few will survive the encounter, and those few will learn unimaginable fear.

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Maikel van Dijk PR Manager,
About Skyforge

Skyforge is a free-to-play action MMO in which players receive the gift of immortality and enlist to protect their home planet – Aelion. Surrounded by other planets, Aelion is under constant threat of invasion. These otherworldly conquerors have attempted to seize and enslave Aelion’s population and eons of failed invasion attempts have left traces of strange alien technology and magic, transforming Aelion forever. Led by their great guardian god Aeli, the citizens have learned to use these technologies and magic against their invaders. Before his departure into realms unknown, the great god managed to share part of his life essence. This power would be passed on to Aelion’s most worthy daughters and sons to forever protect his beloved planet. And you have been chosen.


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